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Rooney Mae & Co.

Rooney Mae & Co. creates garments that are lavish to the eye while maintaining comfort.

The Dressmaker

Meet Meagan Schlekeway

Meagan Jones Schlekeway is the owner, founder, and designer behind Rooney Mae & Co. Born and raised in Boise, Idaho, she has a crazy story that led her to doing what she loves most. Her journey has taken her from being Miss Teen Rodeo Idaho, to the tech industry boom in Seattle, the early days of the red dirt music revolution in Texas (recording over 50 albums and touring all across Europe), all the while designing and creating unique clothing for herself and other performers. When she started to get asked time and time again to design other types of clothing, it jump started a creative side that Meagan had never seen before.

Today Meagan designs and creates custom clothing for women with the goal of it being glamorous and comfortable. Her husband Nick and Meagan are raising their young family in Boise, Idaho. Visit the store in downtown Boise to see our latest collection.

Located Downtown Boise, Idaho

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Our Sensible Fabrics Are Easy To Wear & Flattering To Many Body Types

Because of the fabric that is used for nearly our entire inventory, clients will never have to worry about getting just the “right” size. “Small, medium, and large” has and will always be a guesstimate way of determining what will fit your body, and we have taken advantage of those grey areas. The stretch in our garments allows a leeway within 3 sizes. Our “small”’s fit those who fit within a size 2-6, our “medium”’s within size 4-8, and our “large”’s within sizes 6-10. Increasing our sizes, to be smaller and large, is a goal for the future.