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Comfort and confidence with every gown.

Locally designed women’s clothing for day, evenings & special events.


Rooney Mae & Co

Chic Style Should Not Sacrifice Comfort

The unassuming style found within Boise is comfortable, but few clothing stores in the area offer a more bold sense of style. For those who consider their style to be “bold”, most likely purchase items online, and from companies that aren’t produced in the US. If one was wanting to find a lavish array of garments in town, the places available are limited to department stores. RMCO offers garments that are locally produced and carefully designed to be comfortable, flattering, bold, and sultry. Our designer & creator, Meagan, has created a multi-functional aesthetic allowing you to wear the garments day, evening & to special events.

Meet The Dressmaker


Couture Fashion Meets Wearable

Rooney Mae & Co. is challenging the fashion potential in Boise, Idaho by designing and creating garments that are lavish to the eye and comfortable. Successfully finding the perfect compromise between sophisticated, fun, and comfortable, Rooney Mae is dedicated to expanding that perfect combination within our designs to reach and cater to people of every lifestyle and size. In addition to our off the rack solutions, we work with women to custom design gowns for special events, and have a large selection of samples in our store.

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Made In USA

Proudly designed & crafted in Boise, ID from the finest selection from high quality materials. Visit our boutique & showroom today!

Easy Sizing

Because of the fabric that is used for nearly our entire inventory, clients will never have to worry about getting just the “right” size.

Custom Orders

In addition to our vast collections, we can custom-create your gown to your specifications. Request a consultation.